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For information on sport specific questions please view the individual sport pages. If you have further questions please visit the contact PAL page to send an email to the sport commissioner.

Teams are formed by age group and in many cases 2 year age groups. PAL looks at buddy requests, coach requests, and school requests to form teams. Each team will have some variation in player age, schools, etc. Buddy requests, coach requests, and school choice are not guaranteed as we must balance to the best of our ability the size of each team. In most cases we will have a minimum and maximum number of players per team.

Meridian PAL does not offer Play Ups or Play Downs. Exceptions cannot be made for age group or any other requests

Casts & Jewelry

The Meridian Police Activities League Policy on Casts and Jewelry. 

No player in the program may participate with a hard cast. Players may participate with soft cast, provided adequately covered with no less than 1/2 inch thick, high density, closed-cell polyurethane or an alternate material of the same minimum thickness and with similar physical properties to protect an injury to the player or other players.

Additionally, the player must have a note from a licensed medical physician stating that the player is cleared to participate with the soft cast. Prior to each game, the referees or umpires will inspect the cast to see that it is properly prepared for play. The doctor’s note will be surrendered to the referee, league director or Meridian PAL Committee or Board Member and kept on file so long as it specifies the duration of time for which the athlete may participate. The note shall cover only the original incident or injury. If the player incurs a subsequent injury it is the responsibility of the player’s parents and or coach to submit a new note to Meridian PAL.


All jewelry, earrings, watches, are not allowed to be worn during PAL games. Taping over earrings is not acceptable as these need to be removed during play. Only medically necessary or religious bracelets are permitted, but must be taped to body. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but please understand this is a safety concern for all children involved in the league.

Weather/Game Cancellation Policy

Lightning and Inclement Weather/Game Cancellation Policy

In the event of lightning prior to or during the game, the game will be stopped immediately and will be delayed up to 30 minutes. Should more lightning occur within that 30 minute delay then the game will be abandoned.

Meridian PAL games are seldom canceled for weather, however games may be canceled by the League during severe storms or when determined necessary by league administration. Games will not be canceled for rain or snow occurring the day of the game.

In the event a game is abandoned after the second half has begun the score will stand and the game is final. If the game is abandoned prior to, or during the first half, every effort will be made to reschedule the game, which will need to be replayed in its entirety. PAL cannot guarantee all games will be rescheduled.

Air Quality Index (AQI)

Air Quality Index 

It is strongly advised that all practices and games be cancelled if the AQI is in the RED zone (over 151) or higher. Some persons may be affected when the AQI is in the Orange zone (101-150), therefore parents and coaches need to be aware of children who may suffer when the AQI is in this range. 

PAL will notify coaches when games may be affected by AQI.

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